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Check in on our past recipients 


Jada Alexander - 2018 Recipient

I graduated from Iowa State University in June of 2021. I completed my undergraduate degree in just a little under 3 years. I received my Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a biology minor. I am currently working a full time job as the Sexual Assault Campus and Prevention Advocate at ACCESS Assault Care Center in Ames, IA. In this role I provide advocacy to primarily college aged students who have been either primary or secondary survivors of assault. I am using my degree to trauma counsel young people who may not have the tools to cope on their own. I feel as though this is a perfect use of my degree and can’t wait to extend my educational experience into graduate school and gain even more knowledge in order to help others. I want to thank the donors of the Harrell Foster Care Scholarship for allotting me the time to share my story but also supporting me in my venture through higher education.

Zach Issa - 2019 Receipient

My name is Zach Issa and I am from Storm Lake, Iowa. I recently graduated from Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge. I am all set to transition to transfer to Iowa State University this fall. At Iowa Central, I graduated with a associates degree in criminal justice. In my two years there, I was apart of the Presidential and Deans list. I was also apart of Phi Theta Kappa Honors program! I am currently debating switching/adding a degree at Iowa State.


I appreciate the Richard & Linda Harrell Foster Care Scholarship for a number of reasons. It is different then other scholarships, the people who assist with it do a lot of good things. They check in how we are, how college is, and life in general. I am lucky to have won this award. I appreciate this scholarship a lot, coming out of foster care most kids don’t have the money and college is their own responsibility. This is the case for me, college is SO expensive; having scholarships like this are a blessing. A scholarship for $2000 helps a lot! It helps me focus on my academics rather then stress how I’ll pay for college and an apartment along with all other bills. Some academic goals are to maintain a good GPA this fall and be the best student I can be. At the moment, I am unsure on my career plans, but hope to figure it out soon! I look forward to the transition this fall to Iowa State University! Thank you!

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