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Check in on our past recipients! 


Jada Alexandar, 2018 Recipient

I graduated from Iowa State University in June of 2021. I completed my undergraduate degree in just a little under 3 years. I received my Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a biology minor. Upon graduation I accepted My first full-time job as a Domestic Abuse advocate with a victim service agency in Ames, IA. I transitioned to a Sexual Assault Campus advocate halfway through my year and half stay with the agency. I now work full-time as the Substance Abuse Prevention Mentoring Coordinator with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Iowa located in Clive, IA. While juggling my full-time employment I am also a full-time master’s student studying social work at Grand View University. I am planning to take the licensure exam next spring and graduate with my MSW shortly after. My long-term goal is to practice trauma-informed therapy within communities of color.


I want to thank the donors of the Harrell Foster Care Scholarship for allotting me the time to share my story but also supporting me in my venture through higher education.


Macee Buss, 2018 Recipient

Since awarding me in 2018 I chose to use the monetary gift toward a laptop.  That laptop has helped me attend 2 years at Iowa State University where I was a cheerleader at ISU for football, volleyball and basketball games.  After 2 years, I decided to change career paths and go to cosmetology school, that laptop helped me complete 2 years of work to get my license in cosmetology.  The laptop then helped me draft a resume and apply to jobs which I landed and was hired by Leedz Salon in Ames, I also applied for coaching jobs and work coaching at the Middle School & HIgh School.  The laptop also helped me book 2 trips, one to Florida and one to LA California to take further education classes in cutting ethnic hair. When I was in foster care and later adopted I had no one there to help me with my ethnic hair so that has always been a passion for me to learn how to cut.  I also used the laptop to search for apartments as I have lived independently since graduating from high school. So as you can see the laptop has served me well and I have always looked at it with a fondness because I know it came from a group of people who supported young adults like me. 


I have gone from foster care to now living as a 23 year old successful educated and working young adult, which stats say 70% of my peers in "the system" never so THANK YOU for being a part of my story. I will never forget the inspirational messages from my banquet and also your kindness and love shown.  Thank you for continuing to give this opportunity to young men and women.

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Zach Issa, 2019 Recipient

In 2021 I earned my Associates Degree from Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge. I furthered my education at Iowa State University, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies in May of 2023. During my time at Iowa State, I actively contributed to the Iowa State Atheletic Department, holding various positions that enriched my understanding of the sports industry. I was awarded a prestigious full-tuition waiver from Louisiana State University (LSU), where I will pursue my Master's Degree in Sports Management. I am excited to begin my journey at LSU and I plan to be a graduate assistant in the LSU Athletic Department. I am excited to start this journey and make my way down to Baton Rouge in August. My ultimate goal is continuing to pursue a career in college athletics and work my way up to becoming a college athletic director. 

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